Saturday, June 13

Christopher Walken Dress Attends the Kimo

    Should you have persevered this blog for an age, you'll remember my Christopher Walken "celebrity hostage" story.  Filming in town at the time, he looked through the door before I was open on a Sunday. Let him enter. Locked him in. He was peculiar. A given. Very unassuming.  Had it not inferred I was a screaming stalker, wanted to recite all of my favorite lines out of his colossal breadth of genius. He purchased nothing, nor did I care. I have the history encased in this sheer crepe frock with clever motif.


                             Dagwood was here that day. They exchanged glances. Neither spoke.

                           Handmade chain and glass "cherry" bauble chokers by Kristin Diener.

He was taciturn, but I think he loved me. Dig it!

Yow! So remiss to applaud the short film festival of local talent at the Kimo on Thursday. Christopher stood me up..............