Tuesday, June 16

Hot Pink........Quite

Another cheesy treasure from China. Having suffered daunted defeat, future purchases are aborted.  As to the outcome of it's hand washing. Will it's hue be permanently transferred to my hands resulting in a now very pale pink tunic. I'm placing my bet.

Cheesy but comely none the less.

Coincidently, it's Sunday, which has no bearing whatsoever on my swimming in religious regalia by Karan Sipe. You know my penchant.

Feigning innocence and maturity by donning the underneath black camisole. Black trousers I exhumed from my closet. Tags still attached. Never encountered them in my life. Someone must have crawled through a window and put them there. They were amply OCD to put them in the correct color section.  I applaud their neurosis. Dig it!

                                                Curiouser and curiouser. Wheeeeeee!