Saturday, June 27

The Kindness of Strangers..........

Backlogged with a smattering of yet observed ensembles, will spew forth documentation both scribed and sighted.

                                      MERE INCHES FROM THE SUN..........
 Lathered in quintillion strength sunscreen to survey the detail in this cotton lace sleeveless. Exposed it too near oblivion. Good thing, my arms were frightfully frog-esques.

I pose in my sparkly tulle ballet skirt of dark gold. Blue suede flats (nice summer shoes ) with gold encrusted bows. Such a clever girl.

Dreadful frog arms. Rock on!


Relatively visible, this spate of nostalgic pins. Lovely girl with brass tiara piece by Phoenix Forrester. Victorian pins, the lower painted, round out this vertical pageantry. This bested following pic of comely frock. It's pale lace bodice resonates the sensibility of my jewels.

Black paneled circle skirt treatment with sheer over panel. Trust me. I speak the truth when I laude this beauty.

Rachel comes to the rescue in capturing this treat from Suny's Boutique. I ardently cherish it. Cotton blend makes it baby soft. Pewter in hue. Indulge in the fetching crewel work, dropped waist, ample tiered pockets and string sleeve enclosures.  Behaving yet again, blue cami lurks beneath. 

 Karan Sipe's brace of repurposed charms encircle the neck I attempted to crop to oblivion. Sadly, this is the best I could render to spare Karan's stately alchemy.

Abreast of the situation. Wheeeeeee!