Thursday, June 25

I love Daddy...........

Mariposa isn't aswim with Father's day gifts. A dearth of fishing rods, ties and boxer shorts. In contrast, a plethora of outstanding art. Robust purchases of outstanding creations. None to gift poor Daddy, alas. Hey, Dillards and REI facilitate that niche. Dig it!

Mediocre maxi dress only energized by zigging and zagging. Must I reiterate how keenly I'm holding to the age appropriate thingy? Observe. Camisole. Yawnsville. 
Red faux alligator platform sandals.

Cinnabar (love, love) doubled opera necklace in tandem with vivid ethnic stones.

Who wasn't a Daddy's girl? Unless, mayhap, he was an ax murderer. Wheeeeee!