Tuesday, June 30


Of recent, read articles of dogs at the frontline in warfare. Being a rabid dog lover, I noticed that a film called "Max" had opened. I assumed a mockumentary (edit, vaguely documentary ) on such a brave canine. The 145 child movie previews should have been a harbinger that it would have been prudent to read the synopsis. It starts in Afghanistan, he and soldier partner. But shortly, a mortal injury to his owner brings him stateside. Nebulously, Max takes down a drug cartel arranged by nefarious bunkmate of fallen hero soldier. Well, let's put it this way; Max, blindfolded, could do an underwater heart transplant with one paw tied behind his back. Oh, and Max can run 75 miles, without so much as a side stitch. At 75 mph. He made Lassie look like a hamster. There were however, 2 scenes aswarm with churning Chihuahuas. Needless to say, Max saves mankind. But hey, I've never seen a dog movie I didn't love. (like)

Under cloak of night, and not witnessed, these photographs were taken.  Opera length vintage necklace of cheesy beads and glass. Long loved.  Man, was the guillotine busy with this pic. Wheeeeee!

Comely, flowing lycra sleeveless. It does however remind me of the series Georgia O'keeffe painted.......

Herald my faux Pucci pumps. Polished cotton.

I'm placing my bets that Max was Disney and PG. Dig it!