Sunday, June 21

Bad Girl Dress Exhumation...........

Succumbing to latent vent for my trollop side this shift puts a skip in my stride. An artist commented that I looked 21. In truth, her thoughts were "dressed like 21". Did I care? I think not. I love this dress. I've had two twenty something employees and would bequeath some of my tragically trashy items but both are too amply endowed.
Abstract pendants with subtle cross detail by genius Janet Hoezel.

Bombarded wrist with faux pearls, estimate the entire menagerie's value, $8.00 Dig it!

                    Personally, I consider this dress relatively tame, for not the lurid bodice slash.
Navy patent kitten heals don't foster further strain on the sleaziness. But you missed the back! Lascivious is as lascivious does. Wheeeeeeeeeeee!