Saturday, December 27

Documentation Ensues.............

                                            DECEMBER 16th........Repurpose Your Bean Bag........

                  Received some guff regarding this particular ensemble. Do I care? I think not. Snidely alluded to a 70's go-go dress, as if that's a bad thing.  I was kind of taken aback initially because I found this to be a clever pairing. Oh, well, to each his own. Indeed.

  Naugahyde runs rampant in this clever , apparently go-go-esque, jumper.  Personally, I find it fetching.

Free People gossamer black polka dot lace long sleeve.

Have you ever encountered such smart use of naugahyde? I think not.

Mimicking my Free People top, hose! Dig it! Italian pumps with quilted fabric top, and ankle lace ups.

Don't discriminate against go-go girls. They're people too. 

DECEMBER 17th The Oddest Dinner Party..........

Toned down my edgy, bizarre vent to exude a modicum of normalcy at a dinner invitation. Brought a book, not wine or flowers. Just my way.

Always leave these alluring brace of antique gems on this jacket. they were made for each other.
Sublime Wanda Lobito pendant on my own pearls bespeaks,"more is more".

Jacket strikes a"His Girl Friday" vibe. Does it not?

A dollop of capri trousers and cranberry pantent flats with sparkling toes complete my dashing ensemble. I had quite a few pithy conversations with myself. Dig it!