Sunday, August 17

Enough pants already..........

I begin with  exemplary modern opera length necklaces by Janet Hoelzel. A woman that can embrace every craft imaginable. Their length make them capable of being doubled to a choker. Magnificent. One Janet gifted to me. The other I purchased. Can you conceive the depth of generosity my friends endow me with in jewels and clothes? I'm not worthy, but I'm keeping all of the bounty. Dig it!

This t-shirt was endowed to me by my dear alter ego, Molly Geissman. My sparkly San Francisco tee, from same, features iconic sights from the astounding city. Dig it!

On to my jiggy graffiti cotton leggings, frantic is as frantic does .

Ross score, note to self.....never pay more than 10 bucks for a pair of shoes. Comfy, a bit of gold buckle action going on. What do you want for $8.99?