Monday, August 25

Willie Wonka Meets Andy Warhol...........

Yeah, this is yet another day when I didn't know when to quit. Once the velocity of the weirdness reaches fever pitch, there's no going back.  We'll begin with my Willie Wonka blazer gifted to me from Janet Hoelzel. Janet is the grand wizard of Goodwill. Almost daily she does the "Stampede", a sale where you purchase items of any kind at 40 cents a pound! Wheeeeeeeee! That's very possibly where she gleaned this treasure.

                       Cynthia Cook necklace of multi-hued tin ovals on nylon. Tres clever.

Andy makes his appearance in this black and white cotton pencil skirt. Andy was a good a egg. A freak of a good egg, but a good egg.

Forewarned is forearmed as we travel down to the shoe ensemble. Yow! Well I wanted to don the extremely clever shoes but didn't want to wear them sans socks as I feared blisters. Enter polka dot anklets! Dig it! I'd feel deep remorse should you have a seizure viewing my outfit.

A reverent goodbye to my dear dog Cooper, who died last Sunday. She'd had a tortured early life that left her a vicious nightmare for 5 years. Oh, how I loved her! Just like Mommy! But she was a tenacious creature and actually lightened up in her last months. You could hold her in the end! She was blind as a bat but just bumbled along. She left just taking a nap. Swell way to go. Dig it!
Cooper circa 2006