Tuesday, August 26


Having an ardent passion for words; I'll declare some favorites......detritus, dichotomy, penurious (me), aphasia (I have this), where does one stop?  Hence, the alphabet renders much the same ardor.

 Edgy punk cotton top I've had an age. Purchased it from a clothing store that used to be here on Amherst called "Wang Dang Doodle", whose name struck me a tad lascivious (word seldom needed) . Much favor the jeans. I adore this font! Shall we try to spell something? Let's.

Again, millions of pearls camouflage my wretched wrist. I spare you the unsightly beneath. You're welcome.

Beneath leagues of color coded boxes in my closet, spring these perky red patent wedges, I love being taller. And I'm still adept enough to not walk like a transvestite. Actually, transvestites have stunning cat walk swagger. Quite.


                                                         Transvestites are sexy. Dig it!
                                                            Reading it sexy. Dig it!