Thursday, August 28

Put Something in my Purse..............

Knighting this frock as "Orange stripes are the new orange stripes" I forge gallantly to model this new gift from beloved friend M.  How she spoils me! Lycra full skirted frock with simple bodice and peppy back treatment. Observe.......

Marcia Sednek is the rock star of repurposed metal. Known for her ingenious dresses out of cookie tins, jello molds, old t.v. trays, cheese graters and boundless other materials, she's also created a line of fashion accessories. Brilliantly clever bracelets, pins, even purses. By now you've surmised I've accrued a mammoth collection of said pins. I own three purse pins. I know you bristle with envy. Wheeeee!

Hackneyed shoes but had to boast how clever was I to team them with this dress? Clever is as clever does.

                                               If she's clever, I'm a ring tailed lemur.

                                                                        Dig it!