Friday, April 18

Queen Mum Attends a Barbecue..

Not one to fraternize with the little people. The Queen Mum, sans crown, for a more unceremonious  mien, decides to accept an invite to freshly met acquaintances. One who gravitates to meats of all variations, she tucked into the sauce blanketed ribs with rabid gusto. Wheeeeeee!

If not a crown, jewels are mandatory and plentiful. When is the queen without a pearl?  Blouse with captivating draped shoulders. Gold baroque motif jeans.

Pageantry abounds in these pink and gold leather pumps with endless grandeur. Silver angels, feathers, blossoms under glass, heel detail and various multi folded ribbons. Love the bologna hue of my feet. Dig it!

                                                     Drop it and give me 25 curtseys.