Sunday, April 13

Pump it up.........

Hey, I've been flying pretty low to the ground shoe wise lately. Noticed? I've a few pair of loyal platforms from which I can't bear to separate. These were a Xmas present from my bountiful, gifting play mate. I don't know whether it's because they're a smidge loose or I'm a tad out of my element but I'm kinda walking like a transvestite again today. Haven't told you my transvestite story? It's a winner!

Modest (for me) Leifsdottir, a Finish design house (I thought it was German, silly rabbit), I digress, that construct very atypical apparel with folded swathing, even bustles! Silk peplum blouse with open back.

Kristin Diener, a more demure size, I might add, bejeweled, handmade chain, little lion head, what more could you desire?

I will buoyantly trek forth on unreinforced ankles,  and hope for the best.

She's going down. Quite literally..........Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!