Saturday, November 14

P is for Platforms, B is for Bellbottoms................

Lets begin with my Bronze Age waistcoat I've always referred to as my Sir Richard Burton (the 1st one). You know, one of the discoverers of the source of the Nile and the translator of the Kama Sutra. Dig it!

My spate of beguiling pins are my alibi for calling this my Sir Richard vest. Enamel green fountain pen, plastic elephant, (Pier One),  glorious clay, paper, and tiger eye beauty by Iren Schio. Enamel paper hat with scribble. Heavy cotton baroque motif long sleeve. 

Things look fairly tame from a distance. Procurement of these bellbottoms with 4 brazen exposed front zippers a must. So long I had to don uber plats to raise them off the ground. I don't want to guillotine the traditional jean stitchery on bottom!

Cheers for my uber platforms! They're plastic, they're comfy, they're ridiculous! Wheeeeee!