Sunday, November 8

On My Last Nerve...............

Admit, as much as a adore my house, this documentation has issues. Every pic must be executed around piles of books, dog toys, leashes, dog beds and magazines. All very organized. Far too OCD.

This is a double sided Kristin Diener necklace, I chose to parade the antique lace side. Reverse a photo of a cornfield. (Might bit askew, the necklace, not the cornfield).

This cardigan is akin to an annoying step-child. I think of donating it perpetually. Alas, this might be it's last sighting.
Sara Swink sculpture, alluringly curious.

Minute mini plaid skinnys and my beloved Buddy Holly shoes.

Ariel of Buddy Holly gems.

To apprise you of their age, I bought them on layaway at the Broadway. Thick leather, made in Spain.

Buddy pleads, "Philio, please heal".