Sunday, November 22

Eleventh Grade Wheeeeeeeeeee!

To this day, you might recall, still own clothes from the 11th grade. This jacket, circa 40's, was bequeathed me by Maggie, one of little ilk of four. We swapped clothes, stopped for donuts daily apres school. Boyfriends were a unnecessary hindrance to our coolness. I'm still in touch with all 3.
Dig it! Beatific tweed, fierce shoulders. Augmented with ceramic buttons purchased in Santa Fe in the 80's. Incredulously, these pins are from Mati. They used to have a presence in Coronado in the 70's. Goes without saying they've changed their look.

Mint and chocolate (isn't there a candy?) sweater vest. Sleeveless (huh?) light cotton stripe beneath.

Mint and coffee knit midi by Nic and Zoe.

Beguilling over the knee wool hose and magnanimously petroleum based ankle boots.
I'll try a resurrect some other gems of clothing from days of yore. You're aware of my closet stock. They will be exhumed.

 Has Snoop Dogg told you in the last 5 minutes how this house venue

is on his last nerve?