Sunday, April 3

My Christopher Walken Outfit...........

It was about 3 1/2 years ago that Christopher Walken was making a movie in town and was set up in a place in the Nob Hill neighborhood.  One Sunday morning I was coming to work and parked in front of Scalo. He was just standing on the opposite side of the street. I said " hey, come here for a minute".  He looked behind him and pointed to himself, I said "yea you, I know who you are." He didn't move. I told him if he changed his mind come over to the gallery.  So I brought my dog Dagwood into the gallery and turned off the alarm. When I came back to the front of the gallery he was standing at the door. 

We weren't open yet so I unlocked the door, let him in and RELOCKED THE DOOR!!!!!!! CELEBRITY HOSTAGE!!!!!!! He came in and shuffled around in typical Christopher Walken fashion. Dagwood and I went up to our tiny office to turn on some music, Walken followed about 5 inches behind me.  I introduced him to Dagwood, who was wearing a Hawaiin shirt. Neither said anything..... he came back down and returned to looking around. I wanted to quote some of my favorite lines of his but I was too nervous. His favorite artist was Carol Hoy.

Then he said he'd better go, maybe he'd come back. He never did. That's my Christopher Walken story and this was the exact outfit I was wearing.
Elz and Christopher 4 ever!!!!!!

Vince Camuto open toed lace ups in olive drab leather and patent leather.