Monday, February 16

All About Phoenix Forrester.........

Phoenix Forrester cut her own swath assimilating old photographs into her pins, pendants, and rings.  Generating equally brilliant typewriter key bracelets and cuff links. I vehemently treasure the collection I've amassed.(amassed, what a surprise). This somber gaggle of pins I permanently brandish on the jacket. Don't impinge on a good marriage.

Off Broadway has supplied me with a treasure trove of my most cherished masterpieces. 40's fashion has never been rivaled since and every garment is exclusively unique at this venture in time.
Navy wool, flared skirt, wide white piping, single rhinestone button, Dig it!

               7 for All Mankind plaid jeans. Evidently this brand is a big deal...... legend has it. Ridiculous pale blue cami picking up the pale blue in the jeans. Oh please. Enough already.

Must we all suffer for your fashion??????