Wednesday, February 25

Wallace Simpson Tuesday.......

Emoting vast ingenuity and panache in her innovative elan, Wallace carried her flair as she did her poise. So what if she had been previously married a couple of times? Who hasn't, right? Jealousy was the true catalyst for the ire. She lived in an elevated fashion stratosphere. Edward scored indeed, with Wallace. He, on the other hand, resembled Buster Keaton.

In hhomage to this evocative maven, I parade in this tweed ensemble. BCBG Max Azria safari styled
jacket, a dollar score that was gifted to me by Janet Hoelzel. 

Sublime Anthropologie tweed pre-Abq. Uptown. I never shop there. Only online.

Jen made this comely necklace. Clever stacking and various gems and exotics.

Never one to leave well enough alone. 
Must give a peak at my incongruously integrated plastic platform boots. Wheeeee!

.Boy, I could quite certainly get someone booted out of office. Dig it!