Monday, February 2

On My Best Behavior..........

Was approached by a high school teacher proposing that I try out an intern that was interested in pursuing an art career after graduating. She's 16 years old and free help! I wanted to make a good impression and not be too wacko during our initial interfacing. Hence this suffocatingly conservative

                           Beth Clark brass tube beads and river rocks are creative and staid.
First of all, this mustard oddity resembles a mattress cover and something Barbara Bush would wear.

Quaintness ensues with this unflattering long, bulky, sweater skirt. Dijon and cream stripes.
Oh please...........

Salvation cometh in the form of these bronze shoe boots by Type Z. Clever. Quite.
Oh dear, but the hose. I must euthanize these unsightly beasts. This brings down the curtain on my character shape shifting and out of body experience. Little Dora Bean better steel herself for the real me tomorrow. I can't do this again. Seriously...............