Monday, February 9

Evergreen Tulle Sunday...............

Mending from First Friday week is a convalescence by degrees. My lifeless, torpid "post-opening" shuffling lasts for two days. Unsightly purple under eye circles reach a goth degree. By Sunday I'm beginning to get the feeling back in my fingers and toes. Betsey Johnson never disappoints in revving my morale. This dreamy double necklace with a plethora of blazing charms is as heady as a pinch of snuff. Dig it!

Evergreen lycra shift with delicate tulle gives me an infusion of the glamour I crave constantly.
Danskin beneath is older than my past and present employee. By. Many. Years.

Patterned hose, so deco-esque, old stand by kitten heeled faux crocs. Should you hold fingers in front of me, think I'm finally capable of giving you an accurate total. Wheeeeeee!