Monday, February 2

Butch Ballerina.......

So darling, innocent Dora Bean spends day 2 with Liz Dineen. Redeem my character and soul in an exemplar ensemble to which she'd better get familiar and attuned.

Had apprised her of the fact that my vast collection of religious jewelry has no baring on my beliefs. Dig it! Necklace by Karan Sipe, rather coyly minimalist from her usual creations.

Now we're talking!
 Padded shouldered denim biker jacket over grey tank. Back features smart detail.

What's a rig of mine without a bit of dichotomy present? Bring forth the blue-grey pearl encrusted voile tutu skirt. Wheeeeeee!

Grey tights and switch blade pointed lace ups complete todays look. Better hunker down for some major fashion volatility Dora Bean..............