Sunday, February 15

Tears of a Clown..........

 Customary clowns are a fright. Well I'm going to take that foreboding to a whole new level, comrades.
Accruing crimes exhibited of paradigm nightmare purchases. These are so ebulliently ludicrous they're laughable. In my defense this most deplorable garment is something they sent me by mistake! I didn't even order it! Not that it will save you from bleeding eyes. Circus tent or Mardi Gras float? You make the call.

Relentless disquiet ensues in these tights which I misconstrued for green diamond design. Oh contraire..........These frightful tights feature neon
yellow beneath black fishnet, solid black back, thankfully.

Not even I was crazy enough to brandish this without donning my grommet sweater to mask as much as possible.

I'm a scary clown today. I hardily suggest you cross the street if you see me coming. Dig it!