Tuesday, June 24

Rockin' Dots Monday.........

Prelude to the dots..........this cheapo necklace that I think I procured at the Santa Fe, I digress, this thing is about 40' long hence the 30 wraps about the neck. I makes up in happiness what it projects in cheapiness, I think.

Yet another clever accessory is this belt I bought from the gallery when it was in Old Town. Made of a tire tube, it boasts vintage soda tops and a seat belt buckle. Dig it!

Ah, now to the main event. This sheer shouldered, flowing, Mini Mouse dress. 
You have seen this dress before, but with my artful slight of hand in distracting accessories, I thought I might veer your attention. 

Some bow tipped patent wedges, guess what? I didn't recognize them at all! Wheeeeeeeeee!
Where'd they come from? Patent wedge fairy, obviously............