Tuesday, June 3

Abundant, copious, profuse..........

I'm not deemed OCD for nothing. When I do something, it leans heavily towards the overdone. Exhibit A......can I sport any more necklaces? I think not. Dig it! There's such a miasma of jewels going on, I couldn't possible tell what's by whom.

I laundered this shift, which is out of something stretchy and the v-neck is now a v-waist. Don't panic, beneath, a camisole.

I'm vexed to recall the name of this designer that created a line very much like this frock. I can see her distinctly in my minds eye. Her look was very extreme, with a rigid posture and intense eyes. Someday I'll recall her and post her. Oh, and on the recall part, don't hold your breath.

No shoes are good news.