Friday, October 9

Religion Can Be Sparkly............

Spate of cut out wooden pins by Goldie Garcia from ages ago. All portray religious icons in perky, vivid hued, glittery magnificence. It almost makes me want to sign up. Not really. I just love this stuff!
Portrayed are three Guads, an angel, and Jesus. Hallelujah! (I only misspelled it by one consonant!)

Ardent amour for this heavy cotton weaved tunic in oatmeal. Scads of ingenious detail!

These tunic skimming tights would get me booted out of Eden hands down. Expediently........ Wheeeee!

Impeccably designed kitten heels have an open arch, perforated toe and back. Lace ups. What's the boniest fish you can recall? That's what my foot looks like. Dig it!

Be bedazzled in your faith. Rock on!