Monday, October 19

Hostess at Sea World? Or Coffin Liner?

Mayhaps I might rethink the whole "Zulily" venture. Washed up on some coast, evidently, came my order at long last. I am at a loss as to what condition I was in when I ordered this embarrassing, "ALL SALES FINAL" NIGHTMARE. But wait! It get's better! It comes replete with maxi skirt! (Hello Goodwill.) In my own defense, I think it was dirt cheap.

Octopi suckers create the illusion of a bust! Wheeeeeee!

Karan Sipe repurposed trove of religious amulets on rosary. Bless her.

Attempting to deflect what might also recall a casket lining is my Diane von Furstenberg pencil skirt from days of money yore.

In the top 5 favorite shoes are these grass green satin lace ups with wicker wedges.

So in closing, I can only offer, "Welcome to Sea World" or "Welcome to death".