Friday, October 23

Elizabeth Bennett Darcy Goes to Dillards.......

Fitzwilliam keeps Elizabeth resplendent in every facet of her transported life, but, coming from less fortunate circumstances, she is still baited by an alluring Dillards sale.  Toning down the appearance of  high brow arrogance, she simplified with semi-precious stone necklaces, one of garnets bearing amulet, the other, entirely of rubies. Yummy.

What a fetching peach denim double breasted coach jacket. Stately detail, front and back.

A percussion of vintage pins. Excess is as excess does. So much for toning it down. Dig it!

Applaud this delicate lacy camisole. Dove gray.

Delectable single strap pumps in pewter snakeskin by "Irregular Choice", the most ingenious shoe designers I can afford. From the UK. 

Abundant aplomb when tugging for the same sale item, indeed. Rock on!