Saturday, October 17

Jane Austin Says Hello..........

Flummoxed as to how I ever arrived at this alchemy of staid femininity. What the???? I don't recall an edgy punker jacket, so I must have incredulously run with this.

Comely mole hued velveteen vest with rouge embroidery. J. Peterman. Will forever recount J. Peterman with the Seinfeld show. Elaine employed there and eating a piece of wedding cake from the Duke and Duchess of Windsor's nuptials. Dig it!

Obligatory trove of adornments for high tea in any Austin novel . It always used to take eons for anyone to get dressed back then. 
Vast amour for cameos. (Really? That's it?)

Outpouring of reverence for this design company called "Nick and Zoe". I've lauded their acumen in past documentation and have, uh, a few pieces.......

Pleated coffee tinted voile. Time to quill pen a missive and have it horse driven across town. Rocketh on!