Wednesday, October 14


Forewarned is forearmed so try to contain your misery in regarding this black and white ensemble. I share a wealth of company! Why do you think they have skillions of stores? ( I don't shop there).Philio is out with a considerable injury so I am again dependent on the kindness of strangers to document my ensembles. Rachel comes to the rescue in this shooting.
Let's convey the cheesy jewelry so that we can cleanse our palettes. Tin is as tin does. A miracle my neck didn't turn green. Dig it!

 Angled hem renders the inkling that I hemmed it myself. Intentional it is! Not enough impetus to diminish it's ennui. Sorry.

What is scintillating is this 40's wool plaid bolero jacket by Adele Simpson. What a find, what a treasure.

Wool plaid lace-up plats and black polka dot hose makes for a frisky departure.

I'm infused with a modicum of contained eccentricity today. Righteous!