Monday, October 26

Cacophony Of Pins...........

Recall the recent spate of Goldie Garcia wood cut out religious pins?  They were exhumed from a box, rather sizable, of long forgotten pins. Owned this jacket that is sweet but needed an infusion of Elzwear. So I start embellishing, aerobically, the front and lapels. Now, it looks more like me! I think I donned 24. You can count them. Not all came from "the box". Some were pinned on clothing in my closet that I was too lazy to remove or approved of the alchemy. Blatantly prize pins and have collected them for 30 years. They do however pose two obstacles. Because of their weight they aren't paraded with much frequency in the summer. Secondly, they take forever to apply. Getting them straight and in the perfect locale takes considerable time. You can only image how hard I toiled on this venture. Believe me, they're not going anywhere.

The back of this jacket lends balm in floral motif that aid in correcting your bleeding vision from what you've just suffered.

Conservative is as conservative does.
As penace for my outrageous blazer is this staid duo that screams that I work for the Game and Fish Department.

These bronze, 3 button shoe boots, summarize this disproportionate fiasco and it's grateful finale! Dig it!