Sunday, May 27

Celebrity Hostage Dress............

This is the dress I was wearing one Sunday when I locked Christopher Walken in the gallery.
He was in town making a movie and I saw him across the street and haled( yelled) at him to come over.
Well he was hesitant at first ( of course) but when I came downstairs from doing something in the upstairs office he was standing at the door. We weren't open yet so I let him in AND LOCKED THE DOOR!

He browsed around and was exactly what you'd think he would be like. He was relatively talkative, after a few minutes I set him free. It was VERY cool!
Fabric detail, I was glad I was wearing something decent that day.

I wasn't wearing this fantastic Kristin Diener pin that day but observe and burn with envy.

Nor did I have these boring shoes on that day, I was wearing some righteous open toed lace up shoes. Oh Christopher, you're so weird........