Saturday, May 16

Scandalous Red Bra.........

Rehashing a previously featured apparel item is only tolerated when reworked. Donned this racy red bra to spice up a resuscitated dress. Wait, let's back up, shall we? A bra that one pulls over one's head and is absent of hooks and eyes is termed "bralette". Isn't that adorable? Hence, bralette to refreshen this look. I had to expose the hell out of it to make said show up, therefore creating a look that I'm standing about 40 feet from the sun. Dig it!

Sheer shouldered sleeveless on light lycra, lots of sexy sweeping when traversing.
Paleozoic red belt and matchy matchy red shoes. 

Sorry I couldn't Photoshop out my horrible arms. Not that I have that application or any clue how to use it.

Bralettes are as bralettes does. Wheeeeee!