Sunday, May 24

Mad Hatter, Sans Hat.....Dig It!

My ultimate fantasy has always been to live in a Tim Burton film. I could leap from one to the next. I consider myself the perfect fit.

Bequeathed by Goodwill goddess, Janet Hoelzel.  She gleans me top drawer bounty. My moniker for this double breasted art piece is my "Willie Wonka" jacket. Johnny Depp only sports a cranberry hued coat the entire "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" film. Didn't he tire of that ensemble?  I'd go crazy, frankly.

Minty fresh wide striped skinny jeans and mint flats.

When I was in elementary school we took a field trip to the Hersey's Chocolate Factory in Pennsylvania. It was a humid and hot June. Vats of chocolate the size of football fields pulsated.
I thought I'd perish of nausea. At tour's end they gave you about a million samples. I think I sold mine.