Thursday, May 21

Slug Wednesday.............

Purchased sublime, opera length Tana Acton necklace and viewed it as delicate willow leaf. It's innovative, twisted, three dimensional construction is brilliant.


Someone stated it resembles a slug. It lost a modicum of romance.

Point taken; it, unlike a willow leaf, is three dimensional. Dig it!

Diaphanous toffe hued shift, uncannily resembling a night gown, bares notched collar and slits thigh high. Now, in my attempt to stay depressingly "age appropriate, I not only have on a slip but the sheer
ice blue sweater thingy masks said slits. Permit me to elaborate on the outer garment. I believe it's designated claim was a dress. I arrive at that conclusion since it sports about at least a trillion buttons. Imagine the time and swearing involved opening all of them.

Amputated the below knee length and silver flats. "Age appropriate" is sucking the marrow out of my soul. Kill me now.......