Thursday, May 7

Same Ensemble, Different Day.........

Fear not, I'm incredulously depleting my inventory of these impossibly skinny pencil skirts. Relish this sublime spaghetti strapped silk. Vexing hue collaboration of buff, pale gray and black. If you can get beyond my hideous frog arms, partake of the intelligent design.

Here's yet another skirt. Black with gray panel, skin tight fit trumps staid length, alas. Oh, and impossible to discern the gray panel. Dig it!

Magnificent cascading sterling necklace with mica detail. Matching earrings will not be divulged due to the proximity of face.

Ironically, I'm donning a comely Diane Von Furstenberg frock today, pre-recession, Previously documented, would be a travesty to repeat!

What's there to lose?, loser..........

Okay, okay. 

Crushed aluminum choker by Carol Ware. Ah, what a palette cleanser. Dig it!