Thursday, May 14

Who Doesn't Love Reading?

Lingering in limbo, it's breathing hazardously compressed by inventory's bloated girth, this piece has never made it's debut. Vexing hue, I tenuously venture into kelly green. Am sorely absent of Leprechaun clothes.


Flair becomes this striped sleeveless. Criss cross off white lace. Back sported clever porthole but "glamour don't" (as if), black cami was prominently exposed. Black and white disc polymer necklace.

How arduously I passion letters, for they create words. And sentences. And books. And stories.

Jeans in a variety of traditional fonts and sizes. I worked in graphics a long time. I love fonts!
I hope we are equal in our deep love of prose, I live in those many different worlds every night and every free moment I can grasp. Dig it!