Saturday, May 2

Strumpet Sighting.........

A reprieve from the sedation under which you've lived. You think you're flummoxed! I daren't reminisce of my former ridiculous self. It's too crippling. Debauchery has reared it's head and brought forth this refreshing breath of gauche. In my race against the clock, ensemble prep took a turn for the worse. I donned this tunic that presented itself as modest until you turned about. Gad, it's up to my ***! Even with my accompanying tights the effect was time traveling back to my teenage youth once more. Dig it! But it was ribald, even for me........Along comes Maude Andrade with this prototype for a line of lycra skirts she's having made in Canada. They are photo transfers of graffiti she captured in Ecuador. Well I'm poured into this thing, quite literally. My heart sours anew! I feel 18 again

Accelerate the cheesiness in this ambiguous metal choker. Flogging by my stable of brilliant jewelers is ebulliently justified.

I hope you have embraced my resurrection as much as I.
Like an old, comfortable platform. I feel as light, and sparely sheathed as air! Wheeeee!