Sunday, May 3

Relaxed Romanov.......

Opulence seems innate. I feel underdressed sans amassed grandeur. If I ever went to the grocery store, tulle and dripping jewels would be a given. Yet another sublime creation by my dear Karan Sipe, I love her, and do giggle on the phone. Landlines! Can you conjure????? Draped with incongruously shaped pearls. Askew camisole. What a stickler for detail. Dig it!

Enjoying a languid day on the lawn with family, Alexandra would have felt a bit turned down at the heel clothed in this short sleeve, but suffer through. Badminton was imminent.

Really feeling the pedestrian pinch (literally)  in these painted on gold gilded skinny jeans. Bless vodka. In vast volume. Wheeee!