Tuesday, May 19

Howard Johnson Tuesday.............

Anticipated pilgrimages to Howard Johnson's with aerobic desire. I had a favorite combo over which I obsessed but strangely can't recollect. Think it involved a milkshake.


Draped in a circle skirted frock in their legendary color scheme, how could one not approach me for an egg salad sandwich or hot dog? 

Conjuring me daily donned in a Halloween costume is safely conceivable. I was going with the theory that the busy pattern of this ancient vest would divert your thinking.

Clever is as clever does in this vivid, hammered tin necklace by Cynthia 
Cook. It's strung on recycled pantyhose! Wheeeeee!

I'm outlandishly colorful today, in keeping with my gauche character. 
I can relive my Howard Johnson memories as I make people cross to the other side of the street rather than pass me. Dig it!