Thursday, May 8

Decolletage sans decolletage...........

Prepare yourself for a doozy. This ensemble is out of control!!!!!!  When donning this rig, with my usual 5 minutes for decision making, a spate of things went awry, this dress is much lower in the front than I recalled. My attempt at masking a yard of skin was brandishing this mega, mega weird, necklace of Kristin Diener's. Was I successful? I think not.

Then there is the hose catastrophe. I searched, quite aerobically, for a different pair of hose that I obviously wasn't successful in exhuming. In step these emergency alternatives. Wow. Even I'm speechless.
Next idea, try to don a pair of shoes that will at least endeavor to connect these odd pieces in some way. Bingo! a hue that is also in the dress, let's throw in some green!

                       I anticipate much nausea, vertigo and delirium on your part. Dig it!
Mommy's frightening!