Wednesday, May 14

54 degrees out! Wheeeeeee!

Can't get enough of this global warming-shape shifting weather. No complaints, I'm grateful for the moisture where ever it was captured. Hey, what's a wink of chill and 75 mph winds?

 Exhumed from the depths of my plastic encased sweater collection, that I didn't brandish all winter, by the way, is this substantially hefty cotton knit roll necked sweater.

Snug is as snug does in this bold striped brick and black hued pencil skirt. That's one tight pencil.

Enter the time machine with this Kathleen O'Rouke necklace that you'd design with various pieces she sold separately.

Hard to discren the beauty of these suede kitten heeled shoe boots with black faux fur tops! Note to self, wear down thong tomorrow...........