Tuesday, May 6

Grace Kelly goes to Flying Star............

I ponder why, with the billions of people in the world, iconic individuals are never even closely resembled. They forever stand miraculously otherwordly. Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, et al. But oh, the sheer loveliness and poise of Grace Kelly.

Paying homage to her voluminous swirl skirt, I'm donning my Off Broadway polished cotton with tulle underskirt creating the sizable circumference. Give me a wide birth! Little camisole that I considered a smashing compliment.

Menagerie of stacked bracelets whose main purpose is to mask a very unsightly bruise. Dig it!
Love the bologna hue of my hand. Wheeee!

Tres femme ankle boots with lace and side buttons. Wrong era however. Do I care? I think not.

                        Hope she can get that parade float skirt through Flying Star's door.