Saturday, October 1

Stellar Sighting of Swell Sedneks...........

Rockstar Marcia Sednek encompasses and reigns the term talent. Renowned for her dresses, of which she's created thousands, her genius enables her to shape shift her creativity to the realm of standing and lounging figures, handbags, and bijouterie! Decent!
Nice amputated arms.......

Shorts are the most inane garment ever conceived. (You know what? I figured out another word that bucks the "I before e except after c" commandment. Neighbor.) I digress. Shorts remind me of the Brownies, of which I attempted to join. They said they were full. Huh? The catalyst that birthed my edgy, questionable, character.

Refer to this long sleeved hairy thing as my "Magilla Gorrilla" gem. It's about thirty thousand years old.
Seriously folks, who doesn't love a warm, fuzzy gorilla? I'm not even going to bore you with how these ludicrous shorts came to be. Trust me, purchase not intentional.

Nice stupid, lounging, shorts.

Why compound the cheesiness with these petroleum based Smurf boots? Too late now.

How endearing is Wilkie?

It's a given I've boasted some asinine garb. Is that why everyone was laughing more than usual today?Nice stupid shorts.........