Monday, October 10

Break a Hip..............

Befuddled as to why I can never cease piling on to what's already piled on? I have no viable defense. Blame DNA. Purchased this highly flammable, petroleum based frock from, again, a cheesy venue I demur to disclose. Pretty flaming dynamic right? I think that'd be a positive. Dig it!
 Nice wrist and boiled pork hand.

It's even bitchin'  horizontally. Wheeeeeee! Nice residue from painting walls.

Had an opening the night this frock debuted. Incredulously, not really, I own a pair of pantyhose that are daring purple and black check. I ripped apart the knot of inventory, but they were not to be found. Was reduced to wearing these staid purple on purple ones in lieu. Travesty. I loathe a boring ensemble.

Decidedly my favorite shoes of all time. Rivaling Imelda, that's saying something! Wheeeeee!

So this was First Friday's regalia.. Conjecture now, the elusive purple and black check numbers became so flaccid they had to be euthanized. R.I.P.