Tuesday, September 27

Punk Jacket, Squash Pumps, The Guild............

Penultimate summer salutations all. Terry Wetrogan was the one who corrected me of my misuse of the word penultimate. Now you'd think it suggests the pinnacle of something. No, no, no. It, in actually, means next to the last. First of all, don't make a word that sounds the ass opposite of what it means. And secondly, who has need to reference next to the last anyway? Oh please..........Well, thanks Terry.  I feel so intellectually elevated!  Whoa, where am I going here? Oh yes, todays ensemble! First assaulted by a chilly morning, I don my "Tina Turner" jacket. Awash in metal studs, zippers that go nowhere and mountainous padded shoulders. Rock it!  Age old, hollow sterling beads. Rich charcoal patina.

Butter squash hued sweater tunic with ruffle front.
These ruffles don't appear to feel well. Hmmmmmm.

How odd is this?  I don't know what I'm doing. Threw it in here anyway. Ha!

Leggings are a new acquisition. Resemble air bubbles. If I'm attempting to pass a sobriety test, I think I'm seeing the back seat of a police car. Yow!!!!

This was my elected groovy cinema look to attend a gripping film at the Guild. I get such an embarrassing trough of popcorn I always lurk in the back row . Wheeeeee!

Nice necklace glob.

Will finish with these Pre-Cambrian but highly cherished shoes I purchased online from Anthropologie. I think they're French. I gave them a new lease on life by replacing the narcoleptic shoelaces with sheer golden ribbon. Now I love even more! What the hell is that menagerie in the background????????

I'm such a mess............