Friday, September 16

Lurking in My Closet.......

Astonished by what I encounter in my excavations, i.e. this silk number I purchased in days of Neiman Marcus yore. Pithy hues, motif and details I didn't record at all! Rock on!

Actual wood buttons. Neiman Marcus pulls out all the stops. (How generous of them, since you're shelling out generous cash.)

Travesty I didn't parade the silk covered buttons that run down both sides. Our loss.

What would a day be sans animal print? Non-animal print sightings equivalent to leap year. Wheeeee! My proclivity to be unruly in personality and tresses speaks volumes. I digress. Nice airbrush applied pencil skirt.

Pre-Cambrian, leopard print kitten heels from days of "Wear It". 

Off to free load at Albuquerque Museum's "free third Thursday." Meet me there sometime! Free music, free lectures, free crafts. The food and liquor isn't free though.