Thursday, September 22

Nice antimacassar..........

In days of yore when women had nothing better to do they crocheted these ludicrous acres of lacy stuff to brandish with great pride of purpose on furniture. You can get an idea of the circa by the highly embarrassed stuffed couch.

Queen of cleverness.......Jeez, it's a guy!

Antimacassar be damned. This is one groovy frock. (See through a given.)

Aubergine satin slip lurks beneath. Dig it!

Full ensemble lends an incongruous, staid, ambiance. Huh?

Let's begin with the fact that this pic looks like it was taken about 5 miles from the sun. Righteous!
They are beautiful pumps and even with the galactic bleaching you can't discern the pointed square toe, deft white stitching and tassels! These bitches are from Pennys! Wheeeeeeee!