Monday, September 19

Maude Laude...........

Everyone should have basked in the sun of Maude Andrade's Brobdingnagian talent at this venture. Revered for her design innovation in wearables, vast brilliance as a painter and hey, she's a botanist! Dig it! (Should you ever have the call for botany.)

Maude has recently blossomed into the medium of skirt design! Snug lycra numbers are presently created in two motifs. Astonishing to all that I possess both! Today I brandish her most recent. Pearl grey, acid yellow, white, graphite and salmon swashes. Sparse subtle flowers.

Enough chains to tether Hercules. You betcha'!

Nice amputated arms! Wheeeeeeee!

Notorious for my age inappropriate attire, even I wasn't going to expose my midriff. Will save that for another day! 

Let's go to an opening and then see what shenanigans unfold. All Maude's fault!

Note to self: knee lipo highly provident...........