Tuesday, September 20

Leave It to Cleavage.............

Apparent I'm absent said but I swear I did not intentionally bear such a surfeit of lingerie! My typical pattern is that everything dismantles over the course of the day. I'm like a kid in the summer that does nothing but rough house; running around, rolling around. But this is obscenely askew even for me! Dig it!

Marvel in this simple but clever structure of sleeves and bodice. Nice diversion tactic.


Let's race north to embrace my choker by the acclaimed Kris Mills. Master of all skills, the metal smithing and illustrations are by groovy, quirky Kris.

Cropped to oblivion and desiccated bologna still rears it's ugly head! Rock on!

Leifsdottir satin circle skirt. Devilishly clever. Detail of their exalted intelligence in design.

Riveting, riveted shoe boots. Well, they're not actually riveting, but hey, are riveted none the less 
Nice raw chicken palor.

It always comes together in it's own ridiculous alchemy.........Wheeeeee!